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At Alor we hand source and select all of the materials ourselves. It’s important to us that the material is at the highest quality possible. We want you to notice and feel the difference when wearing each of our pieces. We don't claim to be 100% sustainable, however, we do our part in making mindful choices in terms of ethical manufacturing, packaging, and finer details. We pride ourselves as a new company to use only recyclable / decomposable packaging, zero plastic, and mostly natural fibers. Our aim for 2021 is to be a 100% sustainable brand which we are already pushing forward towards.


We strive to hand select and use only natural fabrics (when possible) locally sourced in Bali. We will always opt for the highest quality and most sustainable option available. Some of our favourite fabrics include hemp, linen, pima cotton, bamboo, and viscose.

Metal details

We believe the finer details are just as important as the main product itself. Many of our pieces come with German Brass details, individually handmade and engraved by local artisans in Bali. 


Buttons are important! We think of each and every detail when hand making our pieces and buttons are no exception. We exclusively use natural shell locally sourced on the island. Not only are shell buttons a sustainable alternative to plastic, but also a nice addition to the story behind each piece. Since shell buttons are a natural material they come with slight irregularities which we love as it adds to the uniqueness of each product.

Should you have any questions about the materials we use please feel free to drop us an email at